Thursday, November 3, 2011


Photos & Review by Dylan Verner

This past Monday I ventured out to Geno's Rock Club in Portland, ME.  My good friend Mat Zaro and I were off to see COVERED IN HORROR, a Halloween reunion show for The Horror and Covered In Bees (both bands stand out strong on the top 10 list of best bands to grace our stages).  It was exciting to see the usual black of Geno's attire turned colorful and bloody for the holiday - I couldn't wait to get inside that little sound cannon and see who else was there.  From the front door in we couldn't move freely.  The place was packed wall to wall front to back.  PBR flowed from the bar filling the guys and ghouls bellies while the charismatic Ricky Boy Floyd told everyone a thing or two on how IT should be.  The Horror was around when I first came to Portland in 2000, they have a unique presence on stage mustering up the best of psychadelia, punk, synth-scapes and spoken word - mastering it into a sculpted pan that strikes you with all it's cast iron goodness. It's a shame that the new generations of Portland youth won't get a chance to experience that side of our thriving culture...but hey, at least I got a chance to enjoy it while I could!

 Chris Moulton and Gabrielle Raymond face off...want a bloody buddy?

 Mike Caminiti was standing next to Chris, I don't think this was a harrowing altercation.
 Jessica Lauren Lipton - with stash.

 Friends til the grave!

 I took this being that looks like a jellyfish - guess what? it is.

 my favorite costume. Wally you are a perfect Mario...

 a moment of joy.

" I'd show up to work early and leave late..." - on Ricky Boy Floyds future profession

 frankly scallop, I don't give a clam!

Both bands traded sets garbed in the most amazing costumes, dynamic and different. After the Horror stepped off stage, Covered In Bees quickly counted off the first 4 beats and mashed into a brutal set with no surrender.  "Boo" is a solid frontman, this has nothing to do with his ominous presence.  He stepped up to the mic like time was his bitch and didn't care.  I'm not sure how long they played for - but to see the terraced steps of Geno's swaying hands and heads, grinning and screaming for more - I knew that this night was the way that it would NEVER happen again.  The power and pride of those that rocked so well carried us into the wee hours of Tuesday morning, not wanting to give in to the reality of work and responsibility in so few hours.  I felt privileged to have been in the presence of such a show.  I hope that this recent bout of epic bills is a trend for our little scene.  Keep it coming!

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