Monday, November 21, 2011

The Mallett Brothers Band with Town Founder and Lights Out

Last week I got the privilege to attend the Mallet Brother's show at Empire Dine and Dance.  Crammed into a can like sardines we all milled slowly toward the stage in a trance like state...mesmerized by the tones emanating from stage.

buuuuuuuut first - before I get ahead of myself

The night began with Town Founder, fronted by Johnny Fountain.  It was his "farewell for now show" as he is now traveling across country to the green pastures of Colorado.  Armed with his Taylor guitar and a pocket-full of rambling singer/songwriter songs reflecting change, love and desire to grow - he took us on a rolling ride through the hills of his mind.  With an all star band to back him up, it's a shame he's leaving so soon.  but hey....he'll be back!

 Good-Luck and god-speed John Fountain.

converse-ation piece

The Lights Out were next. . . . .

I'm not sure how I really felt about this band.  Technically strong and proficient musicians, however, something stunk in the air of commercial desires.  As a musician myself in 3 bands I understand the need to make a worthwhile investment in my craft as well as work hard so I might see a return for all the time I've put in with my other band members, however, the integrity and preservation of the band is important.  One thing that has always struck me as suspicious is when a band gets hard branded with an image that doesn't seem to suit them and the music is an unoriginal knock off of times since past.  The flashy lights and colored skin on the drum made for nice photos...I just wish for them the joy of playing original, soul-fed rock n' roll - cause ...we ALL need a little rock in our roll, get it rolling.

NOW...back to the head - THE MALLETT BROTHERS BAND

...And from the sea of peoples emerged a monster of epic presence, a six headed monster...ready to devour the meal before them.  They roared into action with a gallop and caused an in-place stampede!  Everyone's feet were moving...even if they were only moving up and down.  The Mallett Brother's band is an act to go see.  By far they are one of the premiere acts in Maine. I had little to no room for taking pictures and was a great night of climbing monitors and hanging on to friends for stability.  EVERYONE there had this beaming look on their face that shone back on stage and illuminated the show.  I'm not going to say much more because the pictures speak for me.